Dacia MCW

The Dacia MCW offers the space of an estate but at the price of a cheap hatchback.


The Dacia MCW offers the best space-to-price ratio of any new car. It’s a back-to-basics estate car that ticks the main boxes of many people – it’s roomy, it’s practical, you can carry a lot of stuff, and it’s cheap.

MCV stands for Maximum Capacity Vehicle. The Dacia MCW does exactly what it says on the tin. The styling is rather old-fashioned and doesn’t excite the senses like some of the more premium brands, and Dacia’s cars fall some way behind more mainstream models in terms of safety. The interior, too, is rather spartan and a bit plasticky, but realistically drivers of these models prioritise value over luxurious leathers.

As you’d expect, the MCW feels fairly basic – particularly the entry-level model – but it’s still dependable and should be reliable thanks to the fact it uses parts from Dacia’s parent company Renault.

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