About Bodrum

  • Transportation

    To Bodrum
    You can arrive in Bodrum by sea, air or by bus! There are bus services from all major cities in the country. Bodrum airport is 35 km from the town center, there is a bus service or taxi service available from the airport.

    In Bodrum
    We can organize a rental car for you or you can use the local minibuses called dolmus (pronounced ‘dolmush’), which travel everywhere on the peninsula.

  • Climate

    Bodrum has an Aegean climate with approximately 179 sunny days a year. In July, sea water is around 19 C. You can swim from May through early November.

  • Info Office

    Located in town center on the square in front of the castle, The Tourist Information Office’s multilingual staff provide information about hotels, transport, yacht tours, daily tours and more.

  • Medical

    There is a government hosital and two private hospitals which are open for emergencies 24 hours a day. Most of the duty doctors are bilingual. There are also many private doctors and dentists practicing during business hours, who will provide receipts for holiday insurance claims.

    Pharmacies are plentiful and most international medical drugs are available.

  • Traffic

    In Turkey, traffic drives on the right. Road signs are international. Where there are no posted speed limits, the legal speed limit is 40 km/h in towns and villages, 90 km/h on highways. Traffic misdemeanors are heavily fined and payable on the spot. Radar traps are in frequent use on major roads. Seat belts are compulsory and drivers may not use mobile phones whilst driving.

  • Shopping

    Almost all shops are open untill late at night. Market places attract not only the locals, but tourists as well, for they offer everything you can think of from fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs to garments and hand woven carpets.